I have a mysql backup in aws and i wanted to import one of the mysql backup file. I am using the command s3cmd get s3://bucketname/object/local file. I am getting an error saying ERROR: Parameter problem: Expecting S3 URI instead of '-' . What might be the problem here?


The - is a special character, you need to escape your arguments appropriately:

s3cmd get "s3://foo.example.com/object" "31-07-2016 - lymo.sql.gz"
  • The path is /akshaysolutionbackup/orbit/31-07-2016/31-07-2016 - lymo.sql.gz. I tried doing s3cmd get "s3://akshaysolutionbackup/orbit/31-07-2016" "31-07-2016 - lymo.sql.gz". Its showing error s3://akshaysolutionbackup/orbit/31-07-2016 -> 31-07-2016 - lymo.sql.gz [1 of 1] ERROR: S3 error: 404 (Not Found): – darshan krishnaiah Aug 1 '16 at 5:55
  • Got it i used ` s3cmd get "s3://akshaysolutionbackup/orbit"/"31-07-2016"/"31-07-2016 - lymo.sql.gz"` – darshan krishnaiah Aug 1 '16 at 6:03

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