For Ubuntu 64 bits, printer Canon LBP2900:

git clone https://github.com/hugolpz/Canon_printer.git
cd ./Canon_printer
make -f ./download.mk
sudo make -f ./install.mk BITS=64 PRINTER=LBP2900
sudo make -f ./OS_restart.mk
sudo make -f ./install.mk BITS=64 PRINTER=LBP2900

I installed the canon lbp2900 driver in Ubuntu 16.04LTS as above instructions. But when I run sudo make -f ./OS_restart.mk command, I get restart fail error message. And I go last command is ok sudo make -f ./install.mk BITS=64 PRINTER=LBP2900.

And then I checked systems setting - printers. I see lbp2900 driver and print testing page click. Printer status show "sending data to printer" but printer is not working and silent.

  • echo "On restart:" On restart: sudo pkill -9 -x ccpd sudo pkill -9 -x captmoncnabc OS_restart.mk:5: recipe for target 'restart' failed make: *** [restart] Error 1 How to solve this error? Commented Jul 30, 2016 at 19:37
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  • Based on the OS_restart.mk file on github, all that the restart target does is re-start the ccpd service; however it attempts to do so using SysV style /etc/init.d/xxx commands, which may no longer work on 16.04 (which uses systemd). Commented Jul 30, 2016 at 22:20
  • Could you please post text files and program output listings as text, not as images? To achieve the latter you can either 1) select, copy & paste the terminal content or 2) save it to a file and use that. Longer listings (>100 lines) should be uploaded to a pastie service and linked to in the question. Thanks. Commented Oct 2, 2016 at 9:51

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LBP2900 in 32-bit Ubuntu 16.04 (LTS)


# wget -c http://gdlp01.c-wss.com/gds/6/0100004596/04/Linux_CAPT_PrinterDriver_V270_uk_EN.tar.gz
# tar xf Linux_CAPT_PrinterDriver_V270_uk_EN.tar.gz
# dpkg -i Linux_CAPT_PrinterDriver_V270_uk_EN/32-bit_Driver/Debian/cndrvcups-common_3.20-1_i386.deb Linux_CAPT_PrinterDriver_V270_uk_EN/32-bit_Driver/Debian/cndrvcups-capt_2.70-1_i386.deb

# lpadmin -p LBP2900 -m CNCUPSLBP2900CAPTK.ppd -v ccp://localhost:59687 -E

# ls -la /dev/usb
total 0
drwxr-xr-x  2 root root     60 Dec  2 22:38 .
drwxr-xr-x 20 root root   4400 Dec  2 22:38 ..
crw-rw----  1 root lp   180, 0 Dec  2 22:38 lp0

# ccpdadmin -p LBP2900 -o /dev/usb/lp0

# ccpdadmin 

  ccpdadmin [-p Printer-name -o Printer-dev-path]
  ccpdadmin [-x Remove-Printer-name]

 CUPS_ConfigPath = /etc/cups/
 LOG Path        = None
 UI Port         = 59787

 Entry Num  : Spooler   : Backend   : FIFO path     : Device Path   : Status 
     [0]    : LBP2900   : ccp       : //localhost:59687     : /dev/usb/lp0  : 

# lpr -P LBP2900 testpage-a4.ps
# lpq -a
Rank    Owner   Job     File(s)                         Total Size
active  root    64      testpage-a4.ps                  7168 bytes

# systemctl status -l cups |tail -99


lpq -a |tail -n+2 |awk '{print $3}' |while read job; do cancel $job; done
ccpdadmin -x LBP2900; lpadmin -x LBP2900; rm -rf -- /var/cache/cups/* /var/spool/cups/*; systemctl restart cups; sleep 2; systemctl restart ccpd
killall -9 captmon2
lsmod |grep usblp
ps -ef|grep -E "ccpd|captmon"

lpstat  -a
lpinfo -v


  1. Never try printing a pdf as a test since it may make you feel your setup (drivers, config) is not working, whilst lpr simply cannot directly print a pdf as a test.
  2. Restart a printer itself (physically), it may really help you.

Here's what worked for me

System configuration : ubuntu 16.04 64 bits LBP2900 CAPT version 1.5

I followed the https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CanonCaptDrv190#Ubuntu_13.10_Install

but the printer did not work, then installed everything that was missing from here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CanonCaptDrv190#A64-bit_Systems

after that captstatusui -P LBP2900 showed ready to print and I was able to print :)

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So it's late March 2017; how to install Canon's CAPT Driver in 64bit Ubuntu?

Canon supply a 64bit driver; just use that; it works well, as detailed here


(Canon must supply all dependencies now as the 64bit driver is fine);

..... you just need to start the ccpd daemon each time you start the computer with the command sudo /etc/init.d/ccpd start


This tutorial made my Canon LBP2900B printer work in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS:

After clean installation of Ubuntu 16.04 my Canon 2900 refused to print. I found out a solution and will now share here with my experience.

Standard method to install driver doesn't work. To install driver manually I downloaded and unpacked them from the official web-site of Canon.

The next step was to choose between the 32- or 64-bit driver. First my decision was to use 64-bit driver, because my OS is also 64-bit. But it was a mistake, 64-bit driver refused to work. So I choose 32-bit driver, unpacked and installed two packages in the following order:



Then I registered the printer in OS by taping in the terminal:

sudo /etc/init.d/cups restart

sudo lpadmin -p LBP2900 -m CNCUPSLBP2900CAPTK.ppd -v ccp://localhost:59687 -E

sudo ccpdadmin -p LBP2900 -o /dev/usb/lp0

sudo update-rc.d ccpd defaults

After the printer appears in menu I marked him as default by right click. All these time the printer must be turned off.

Then I reboot and printer start work.

But after that appears a new problem. When I shuttdown my computer it hangs during 5 minutes. It was caused by ccpd service. So I run:

sudo systemctl edit ccpd

and added new two lines to empty file: [Service]



sudo systemctl daemon-reload

systemctl show ccpd -p TimeoutStopUSec

and it shows that the delay was shorted. Next reboot took only several seconds.

That's all.

Source: https://yrfiles.blogspot.in/2016/12/how-to-make-canon-lbp-2900-printing-on.html

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