I'm trying to install Clockworkmod Tether offline. I wasted four hours doing this and it still didn't work. My problem is:

Please compile the included node.js.

How do I fix this? And no, I can't install synaptic_0.83.tar.xz either so that's not happening. Please help!

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Go to the folder where you extracted the files, follow the directions in node/README.md. Copied here for clarity, just the parts that apply to Ubuntu:

### To build:


    * Python 2.6 or 2.7
    * GNU Make 3.81 or newer


    make install

### To run the tests:


    make test

### To build the documentation:

    make doc

### To read the documentation:

    man doc/node.1

You can check Python and Make by running these commands:

python --version
make --version

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