I've been using the say command in terminal to get my computer to talk, ie.

say "Hello"

How can I pipe the text of a .txt file to the say command to get it to read aloud the text in a file ?


Actually say has this option (see man say)

say -f stuff.txt

Or you can use command substitution...

say $(cat stuff.txt)

this passes the output of cat stuff.txt as an argument to say (the quotes " " are not needed)

  • That's too awesome. I should have figured that out. Thanks a lot! – wayneeusa Jul 30 '16 at 4:44

I am just adding that if you really want to pipe the output of a command to the say command, you can use named pipes.

Basically, just doing

mkfifo myNamedPipe
say -f myNamedPipe &
cat > myNamedPipe

should allow you to use speech synthesis on an arbitrary source (here, words from the keyboard using cat).

I do not however have the required configuration to actually try this, so I could have got something wrong.

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