I'm trying to launch a program (ExploreDTI) which uses Matlab Runtime R2014a (8.3). I have a MainExploreDTI file (Executable (application/x-executable)) and a run_MainExploreDTI.sh sh-file.

In terminal, when I type sudo ./run_MainExploreDTI.sh it gives me the answer command not found.

Googling it, I've found the alternative command "sh run_MainExploreDTI.sh", now the error is

run_MainExploreDTI.sh: 1: eval: ./MainExploreDTI: Permission denied

How can I solve it? Thank you very much for the help


The command not found error means that the run_MainExploreDTI.sh is not executable. You have two choices:

  1. Make it executable and then run it:

    chmod a+x run_MainExploreDTI.sh
    sudo ./run_MainExploreDTI.sh
  2. Call it with sh:

    sudo sh run_MainExploreDTI.sh

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