I need to use a third party web service which is accessible only through Cisco AnyConnect VPN. I'm using OpenConnect on Ubuntu to connect to this VPN using host, username, and password.

However, instead of having to manually connect every time we need to connect to the service (since the service is being consumed by a script that runs on daily basis), I would like to set it up once and have itself reconnect when the tunnel breaks.

Is there a way for us to connect openconnect client (or any other similar client for Cisco AnyConnect) to automatically reconnect when the connection breaks.

Alternatively, is there a way to login without username and password and store that configuration somewhere so we can automatically respawn the process when it stops.

Please note that this is all on a server, so no GUI.

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See the options it has. openconnect --help:


Set login username to NAME


Read password from standard input


Keep reconnect attempts until so many seconds have elapsed. 
The default timeout is 300 seconds, which means that openconnect 
can recover VPN connection after a temporary network 
downtime of 300 seconds.

it also supports a


There are several scripts on-line you can adapt to your situation.


I created a script to do this, you must change DEVICE_NAME, SERVER_ADDRESS, USERNAME and PASSWORD_FILE_PATH to a file that contains your password

You can find the name of your VPN device with /sbin/ifconfig.

if ! /sbin/ifconfig | grep -q 'DEVICE_NAME'; then
  sudo openconnect -b -q SERVER_ADDRESS -u 'USERNAME' --passwd-on-stdin < PASSWORD_FILE_PATH

i use a service file


Description=My Vpn Connection

 ExecStart=/bin/sh -c 'echo YourPasswordHere | sudo openconnect --protocol=nc YourServerHere --user=YourUserHere --passwd-on-stdin'


then I just run it with

systemctl start myVpn
  • Can confirm this works. I just deleted the protocol section.
    – mFat
    Dec 16, 2022 at 1:03

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