I have wrote a shell script, show the script


ssh -t proxy@PROXY -p 22022 "ssh me@REMOATE_MACHINE -p 22022"

And I put the script to /opt/scripts/myscript.sh, and chmod u+x myscript.sh. After that I added export PATH=$PATH:/opt/scripts/myscript.sh in .bashrc.

And then source .bashrc, but when I type myscript.sh, the terminal returned myscript.sh: command not found

And echo $PATH


/opt/scripts/myscript.sh is in the PATH

How should I fix the problem?


You should not add the script itself to $PATH. Instead, you should add the directory containing the script to $PATH:

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/scripts

It should not be /opt/scripts/myscript.sh. It should be /opt/scripts. It is treating /opt/scripts/myscript.sh as a directory and using all the files in it, not itself. This can be achieved by the following commands;

export PATH

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