Hopefully this has an easy solution. I recently installed Ubuntu using the Ubiquity installer for the latest release. Due to my hardware, in order to install it from my USB, i had to use the nomodeset parameter. If i don't use nomodeset, i get a black screen before installation.

Using nomodeset to live boot / install Ubuntu worked great. I didn't get a black screen, and it said that the Ubuntu installation completed successfully with no errors. I installed Ubuntu on a 500 GB SSD.

now, after the install was done, it prompted me to restart my computer like always. So I did, and after I restart, I get a black screen. I presume that I am getting a black screen for the same reason that I was before I used nomodeset, because after it installed it is currently not set to boot using the nomodeset parameter. I'm in UEFI mode (I installed it in UEFI mode) and I tried fixing this by changing to Legacy mode, but that didn't work.

How would I fix this? I have my computer set to boot to the SSD that I installed Ubuntu to from the Bios menu, but whenever I boot it, I get a black screen. There's no terminal or any place where I can enter anything, it's just black. How would I set Ubuntu to boot using nomodeset after it's installed, that way I can see my desktop and then install my Nvidia drivers? ?

EDIT: Other posts suggest to press SHIFT right after the BIOS splash screen, and then edit nomodeset parameter into the grub options. When I press SHIFT, the grub menu doesn't show up. Does this mean something did go wrong in the installation even though I got no errors and it completed successfully? I can't boot it using nomodeset by pressing SHIFT right when it boots. Any other options?

EDIT2: Since using SHIFT doesn't work, could I set it to boot with nomodeset by editing grub before I install it????


I got this working by using Ubuntu boot repair from a live CD. This fixed grub, and I was able to then boot ubuntu from my SSD using nomodeset.


You can add those parameters to the kernel command line in /etc/default/grub by running a live session with your installation usb and chrooting into your OS. That will allow you to run update-grub so you can reboot with the needed parameters. Just follow the directions in this answer: https://askubuntu.com/a/145253/381089

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