So I am somewhat more of a newb when it comes to routing IP ranges. My main problem is that I need to route a couple ranges outside of a VPN that I use.

I've run into a few issues with this.

I don't quite know how to specify a higher level range of IP address to route. I haven't been successful so far.

EX: I need to route Tivo traffic for my OTA tivo. I need to route everything that is a 1 here, how can I write that into the route command? Range I need to route for this example is through I tried ip route add but that didn't work.

I need to figure out how to route that whole range outside of my VPN which I assume is going to be:

ip route add ???.???.???.???/?? dev eth0 via 

/w the ?'s filled in once I figure it out.


The CIDR notation for the range of IP addresses - is

Expressing in binary:   -> 11010000.01001001.10110100.00000000 -> 11010000.01001001.10110111.11111111
                  ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^

There are 22 leading bits which will be identical for all addresses in that range.

  • Thank you, that makes complete sense and yet I couldn't get to that idea. That helped me understand it better. – Dulanic Jul 22 '16 at 15:29

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