Is there a pre-assigned keyboard shortcut for switching between different keyboard layouts in Ubuntu Mate?

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No, there is no pre-assigned shortcut.

You can choose from many options to assign a shortcut to switch layouts from the menu:

Keyboard Preferences > Layouts

This menu can be found under System > Preferences > Hardware

  • I always thought Alt+Shift is the only way to change the layout.. Now this is good :D – Shayan May 18 at 13:06
  • Ok this is a broken feature.. Other keyboard shortcuts stop working if you're using a key that's used to in a sequence to change layouts. For example I use "Winkey + Right" to move to right workspace and it doesn't work anymore because now I'm switching layouts with my Winkey.. – Shayan May 23 at 13:39

Quick answer:

  1. Right click on language icon and select Keyboard Preferences.
  2. In Layouts tab --> click Options... .
  3. Expand Switching to another layouts.
  4. Select Alt+Shift shortcut or other options.

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