I'm building a session server for xrdp remote desktop sessions. I want to run just a browser and an X client program in each remote desktop, so my casual remote-desktop users can perform some specific tasks and then close their sessions.

(I'm planning to present these virtual desktops to users via Apache Guacamole.)

I'd like a desktop session manager environment for these folks without such things as a file manager, a multi-page screen manager. But, I would like to keep enough session manager functionality to allow

  • handling of multiple browser windows and app windows, dynamically
  • a way to deiconify windows the user iconifies (revealing the icods and letting the user click on them.)

I've tried just running the xfwm4 window manager, rather than xfce4-session, from the .xsession script. While a bit crude, that works OK. But it doesn't present icons for iconized windows.

How can I configure the desktop environment for xfce4 (or another suitable session scheme) to suppress the power user stuff and still give me icons?

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