I just got a new Macbook 9,1 (released in 2016, and not Macbook Pro 9,1!!) and am new to Ubuntu. Does Macbook 9,1 support the latest verison of Ubuntu?


You can always try the Live CD. If it boots up and runs properly, all your hardware is supported. If your Macbook doesn't have a CD drive, make a bootable USB stick. Be forewarned, the LiveCD is slower that the real thing.

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    So is the hardware of the latest Macbook supported by the latest Ubuntu? For instance, I searched here, which has a negative answer. – geo tam Jul 17 '16 at 20:33

You will have quite a few driver problems. If you are capable of dealing with that and a boot manager like rEFInd, then it's pretty simple if you have a USB-c to USB-a dongle with 2 USB-a ports or a USB-a hub with your USB-c to USB-a dongle.

You will also need to install gdisk (gpt fdisk for Mac). The commands for it and a more detailed installation for Macs in general can be found here.

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It's possible to fix touchpad and keyboard on macbook9.1, read the few last posts at https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=99891 Though now I can't boot livecd on macbook9.1 2016 without passing acpi=off but that seems to make ssd undetectable :( I've tested ubuntu 16.04.1 a month ago on macbook9.1 2015 and livecd boots ok without that option and ssd was right there. I've tried to make a topic on this but it was closed as "duplicate"

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