I'm a new Ubuntu Desktop user and looking for snapshot tool to use as alternative to Greenshot in Windows.

I found Shutter is the one. Though when using pixelize tool, I want to make pixel size to be bigger/smaller as in Greenshot, and I cannot find where to do so.

So where can we set pixel size for pixelize tool?

  • You seem to be trying to educate yourself on your chosen tool via AskUbuntu. That's not why we're here. Have you tried the terminal commands man shutter;man Shutter (I don't know which is the typo, but Linux IS case-sensitive) and man pixelize and man -k shutter? – waltinator Jul 17 '16 at 5:27
  • What you mean by "educate yourself"? – Nam G VU Jul 17 '16 at 9:18
  • I mean that you should read the man pages I suggested above, and not ask simple "How do I use it" questions here. Your questions show absolutely no effort on your part. – waltinator Jul 17 '16 at 14:16
  • Thank you. I think your judge is incorrect since I am the one who not simply asked. – Nam G VU Jul 17 '16 at 14:34
  • About manual document I searched on Shutter official site which seems to be abandoned – Nam G VU Jul 17 '16 at 14:35

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