FFmpeg produces great ogv files under Xenial:

But I would like to use the gui WinFF to produce these files, and WinFF has no presets for this purpose. How can I do this?


A default installation of WinFF under Xenial:

sudo apt-get install winff ffmpeg

has no presets to produce ogv files with Theora video and Vorbis sound. A great omission IMHO.

You can rectify this omission by producing a text file called ogv.wff on your Desktop and placing the following contents into it:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <label>Theora encoding with Vorbis sound</label>
    <params>-c:v libtheora -qscale:v 6 -c:a libvorbis -qscale:a 5 </params>
    <category>My Presets</category>

Save this file, close it, right click on it and select: 'Open with WinFF' and this is enough to save your new preset in ~/.winff/presets.xml.

And now you can enjoy producing great quality media files with 2 completely free codecs!


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