Recently I came across a discussion where a commentator pointed out that OVH uses modified Ubuntu images in their cloud service. That means that when I choose to deploy an Ubuntu image on OVH cloud I won't have an original Ubuntu.

I am currently client of Digital Ocean (DO) where I have Ubuntu deployed. I have noticed in the sources.list file some DO repositories (preceded by a warning comment ENTIRELY UNSUPPORTED by the Ubuntu team) . I understand that they have mirrors to speed updates and limit their bandwidth use, but I am concerned about the originality of the images I am using, thus my question: How I make sure the packages I am using come really from Ubuntu's packages? Is modifying the sources.list files sufficient to have the right packages?

Note: DO has had in the past a security problem, due (in my understanding) to the cloud images they use.


The only public clouds that receive official Ubuntu images are listed on this page: http://partners.ubuntu.com/programmes/public-cloud

Currently Digital Ocean is not on that list, so there's no way for us to confirm that you're getting an official image.

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