My attempt is to override calls to unlink/unlinkat when using Samba. To that effect I wrote a shared library. I then executed the line:

export LD_PRELOAD=<my shared library>

and restarted smbd service. Now if I delete a file from the current directory I can see that my version of unlink is being called but when I do the same via Samba from a different Ubuntu box my overrides aren't being called. I think it's got to do with the placement of LD_PRELOAD. I placed it in /etc/samba/smb.conf and /etc/init/smbd.conf but that didn't work and the only file left is /etc/init.d/smbd. However I don't know where to place the LD_PRELOAD. I did place the LD_PRELOAD in a few places but that didn't work either. I'm hoping that someone cuold help me out. Thanks in advance for any help.

Platform: Ubuntu 14.04


(I know this is 2 years later. It might still be useful to somebody else.)

LD_PRELOAD is an environment variable, which needs to be set in smbd's environment.

Since the service is not called from the shell, you have to work with your distribution's startup/service system.

Quick web search tells me Ubuntu 14.04 is using upstart, so you'll probably need to put something like:

env LD_PRELOAD=<my shared library>

into /etc/init/smbd.conf.

Note that this is an educated guess, so you might need to change a thing or two.

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