I am new to this concept and i am using ubuntu14.04 lts O.S. I created a bash script which would take backup of mysql db, and also created a cronjob for a desired time. The thing is the backup is going on only for phpmyadmin and sys databases and not my own created database. There is no log maintained by the crontab for that job. Please help me out.

cronab entry

08 4 * * * /bin/sh /usr/bin/s3mysqlbackup.sh >/dev/null 2>&1

backup script


does the script work, if you execute it yourself? if so - try replacing /bin/sh in the crontab with /bin/bash +x and replace /dev/null with /tmp/debug-mysqlbackup.log - this will output all steps to the file /tmp/debug-mysqlbackup.log

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