I am running into an issue where when I type in sudo chown, I am recieving an invalid user error.

I created a user called clusterUser using the GUI. In the root directory of the computer (/), I created a folder called clusterFiles. I would like to change the home directory of clusterUser to be clusterFiles. I am using this set of commands to change the home directory:

sudo chown clusterUser /clusterFiles
sudo usermod -d /clusterFiles clusterUser

However, when I run the command sudo chown clusterUser /clusterFiles, I get the error invalid user clusterUser.

I know that I have created it becuase I logged into it. Is there something wrong with how I formatted the command?


The output of getent passwd | grep 'cluster' yeilds:

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    What is the output of getent passwd | grep 'cluster' – steeldriver Jul 9 '16 at 15:51
  • @steeldriver Sorry for the late reply. the output is as follows: rgcluster2blade1:x:1000:1000:RGcluster2Blade1,,,:/home/rgcluster2blade1:/bin/bash. And the 2nd line: clusteruser:x:1002:1002:clusterUser,,,:/home/clusteruser:/bin/bash – philm Jul 12 '16 at 0:27
  • Would be much easier to decode if you edit it into your Q but it looks to me like you're confusing the GECOS 'full name' (clusterUser - mixed case) with the actual Unix username clusteruser (all lower case) – steeldriver Jul 12 '16 at 0:32
  • @steeldriver Thank you for the recommendation, I updated my post. So the chown command is looking for the unix username? – philm Jul 12 '16 at 1:05

According to your passwd file, the username is clusteruser with a real name of clusterUser (clusteruser:...:clusterUser...). chown cares only about the username, which has no capital letters.

Use chown clusteruser.

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