How could I switch from exuberant-ctags to universal-ctags. I am using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and

ctags --version reports

Exuberant Ctags 5.9~svn20110310, Copyright (C) 1996-2009 Darren Hiebert

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It is simple, as in the universal-ctags docs:

git clone
cd ctags
sudo make install
  • where does it get installed? – gregghz Jul 20 '17 at 20:46
  • @gregghz /usr/local/bin/ctags in my case – Yaroslav Molchan Oct 11 '17 at 7:57
  • In case you want to avoid sudo and install in your user directory, use ./configure --prefix=$HOME (then, no need for sudo for make install). – elias Dec 21 '17 at 13:32
  • Also one tip is to use checkinstall, i.e sudo checkinstall make install this will create a DEB package (or the equivalent for your distro) to make it easier to uninstall/reinstall. – shanksk Mar 12 at 13:19
  • 1
    I had to install automake and pkg-config before running ./ on ubuntu 18.x – nick-s Oct 17 at 10:18

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