I would like to change the default size of my ping, to be able to test the MTU on my link.

How can I do that ?


To test the maximum MTU size on a link (i.e. to test for ICMP fragmentation) you can set the ping packet size using the -s option.

For example, to find the maximum MTU you can loop over increasing packet sizes until ping returns an error code:

while ping -s $size -c1 -M do google.com >&/dev/null; do 
echo "Max MTU size: $((size-4+28))"
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Here's a very simple solution:

ping -s 4024

Where -s determines the size of the packet being sent

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On Windows OS, the -l parameter allows to change the size of the icmp packet (the default size is 32 bytes). According to Microsoft

Here's an example of a ping with 1450 bytes of data:

ping -l 1450
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