I've been doing some research: You can't build PPA's from a Node.js application.

Apparently, this is not a rule, since there are a few projects that have successfully achieve this. WebUDP8 is an example; they build the PPA's for Atom IDE (using Electron) & Popcorn Time (using Node-Webkit)

I did what any human being would do: bother these guys, since there's no documentation (or at least, none that I found).

Their answer:

Launchpad PPAs don't support nodejs yet because they don't allow fetching external resources. So the Popcorn TIme PPA used to be a simple installer that automatically downloaded Popcorn Time from its servers.

But, as far as I'm aware of, I'm not using external resources. It's not like I am downloading dependences from the package.json. They are all --saved in the folder to build.

How can I make a PPA of my Electron App? Does the Software Center work with PPA's as well, or only .deb's?


I think you are right. If Atom has its own PPA, any Electron app could.

This should help: How do I create a PPA?

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