Sooooo, I've scoured the entire inter webs for a solution for this but no luck so far, so this is pretty much my last resort :')

There is no display attached to the computer so I open a display session with "vncserver :0" On my rPi O could open displays using "xrandr --addmode VIRTUAL1 1600x900" but it doesn't work here.

Anyways when I connect to my computer after opening a display with "vncserver :0" I get a grey checkered screen. Does anyone have an idea as to what I did wrong ?

Many thanks :)

  • I'm confused - where does x11vnc fit in here? that's for relaying a real desktop. If you are just trying to configure VNC with the desktop session of your choice (in place of the default gray background + Xterm) I have found this guide useful in the past: VNC/Servers - Customising your session – steeldriver Jul 4 '16 at 20:47
  • I thought I read somewhere that you could use x11vnc with a virtual desktop. Ill try your guide :) – LK LAW Jul 5 '16 at 9:13

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