I would like to install node.js on my Ubuntu 14.04. However, there are two packages available: node and nodejs.

After some digging, I know that there used to be a package by the name of node. It is actually Amateur Packet Radio Node Program. This package was later renamed from node to ax25-node.

So, that leaves the confusing question: What is the difference between node (current) and nodejs?


After some more digging, follwoing information should be useful for people who may have the same confusion as I did.

I managed to find that the node package in Package repo of 14.04. It turns out that node is still Amateur Packet Radio Node Program. (It's the historical versions before renamed to ax25-node)

However, just to make things even more confusing: after sudo apt-get install nodejs or sudo apt-get install node, you can execute node -veither way.

But sudo apt-get install node gives you a totally different program (which is not nodejs).

Conclusion: sudo apt-get install nodejs installs nodejs into /usr/bin/ on Ubuntu.

PS: The reason why after installing nodejs, you can do node -v is because in /usr/bin/, node -> nodejs*

  • My case node -v and nodejs -v shows defferent version ! – 151291 Jul 14 '18 at 7:25
  • @bowen when i use node -v i am getting The program node is currently not installed. You can install it by typing: sudo apt-get install nodejs-legacy – Prasad.Developer Aug 21 '18 at 15:39

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