I recent re-installed Ubuntu 16.04, and I don't like the version of the default video player. I would like to install the older version because 1) it allowed me to start the videos where I left off, instead of starting over at the beginning, and 2) it was easier to create and view playlists.

Thank you in advanced


You can check what versions are available to you with sudo apt-cache madison ^packagename

Replace "packagename" with the package you're trying to downgrade.

Then, sudo apt-get remove packagename

Then install the package with the version you want:

sudo apt-get install packagename=1.2\*

Replace the version number with the one you want. Using the \* is a wildcard for subversions. Or you can copy the entire version from the list that the first command gave you.

  • It looks like the only package that was available is the current one. Is there a way to obtain an older version of totem? – mwnielsen Jul 4 '16 at 22:33

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