I'm trying to get a fancy background by playing a movie on my desktop. My current command that runs at startup is

tmux new -n background-movie -d  kstart --alldesktops cvlc --quiet --daemon --no-stats --video-wallpaper --loop --no-audio --no-video-title ~/Videos/Background.wmv

It works perfect, except that there's an entry for vlc in my taskbar which isn't doing anything. Is there a way to stop this movie from appearing as an instance of vlc without altering the behaviour of vlc in any way so I can watch movies normally with vlc?


Just open VLC, press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P to open "Preferences", in "Interface Settings", inside the box "Look and feel", uncheck "Show systray icon". Restart VLC to check. Voila! :D

  • yeah, but the next time I try to watch a movie I don't have a systray icon. Which is quite annoying when you're running a program. I want it for only the background movie instance to not appear. – blipman17 Jul 4 '16 at 15:50
  • I guess you should edit your question to reflect that requirement... Just to make sure others will better understand your problem and will offer a better answer. – PyGeek03 Jul 4 '16 at 16:03

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