I would like to ask for help in order to create ramdisk for the cache of my chrome browser. I have an idea what to do but I do not want to crash my system therefore I would like to ask more experienced users. :)

So, what I would do:

1) Edit rc.local, then add the following:

mkdir /tmp/chrome
mount -t tmpfs -o size=4096M,mode=0744 tmpfs /tmp/chrome/
chmod 777 /tmp/chrome/ -R

2) Then:

rm -rf ~/.cache/google-chrome
ln -s /tmp/chrome/ ~/.cache/google-chrome

Is it the proper way to accomplish the task or are there simpler solutions?


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1) Add a new entry to fstab, e.g.:

none /tmp tmpfs nodev,nosuid,noatime,mode=1777,size=4096M    0    0

The size parameter can be different according to your needs.

2) Edit Google Chrode .desktop file, then add to the end of Exec= lines the following:


3) Save, then restart your browser.

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