How do I change the default window size of the Xfce4 terminal emulator?
Going to Edit > Preferences on the menu does not allow me to change the window size.


You can change the window size by changing the default geometry (rows x columns):

enter image description here

  1. Edit > Preferences: See @steeldriver for explanation.


  1. On the command line, type:

    cd ~/.config/xfce4/terminal vi terminalrc Then edit the MiscDefaultGeometry variable to the size you would like.


To alter the size edit the file /usr/share/vte/termcap/xterm.
You can use the following command nano /usr/share/vte/termcap/xterm

Just a few lines from the top will be the line reading:


Change 80 and 24 numbers to the window size you prefer.

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