I recently was thinking to get myself a gaming mouse. But the thing that is bothering me is that whether it will work out of the box for Ubuntu.I am looking to buy a Logitech one. Model 300s .Will the buttons be configurable ? Compatible and support. Please Assist.

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  • This is a deep grey shade of "is this question in the right place," but I understand that as an Ubuntu user you have a question pertaining specifically to (although not ONLY to) Ubuntu. I won't down vote, but do consider posting it in a hardware forum, as that is maybe the best place. That being said, I have a standard Logitech mouse (M100) which was cheap, but requires no drivers. It has three buttons and all either work or are configurable. I would say try it, and use xev or showkey for the other 6 buttons on the 300S. – P Smith Jul 1 '16 at 3:18
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    ...that is, if you need to map those keys for any reason. Anyway good luck with it! Keep your receipt! Ubuntu has pretty great hardware support though. Cheers! – P Smith Jul 1 '16 at 3:22
  • I disagree with P Smith. We have people by the hundreds if not thousands switching to Ubuntu everyday. Instead of them going to x number of hardware forums for all the myriad of devices it makes more logical sense for all of them to go to a one stop shop first like Askubuntu to see if anyone here has already sorted the problem. A "canonical" area. We need to make Ubuntu friendly for adoption and not elitist. As for your question, I use Logitech mice and have never had a problem with them with Ubuntu. Buttons have been configurable. – DanglingPointer Jul 1 '16 at 3:27
  • @DanglingPointer Whether hardware recommendations are considered on-topic or not has been debated since the dawn of time. Consider reading (and asking, if necessary) about it in Ask Ubuntu Meta. – edwinksl Jul 1 '16 at 7:52

Searching got me to this article by Phoronix from 2015:

Libratbag currently has partial support for the Logitech HID++ 1.0 (G500, G5) and HID++ 2.0 protocols (G303), the Etekcity Scroll Alpha, Roccat Kone XTD, the G5, G9, and M705.

So that led me to this libratbag blog and the libratbag project page and also to this page that lists mice. Logitech has a long list on there, 2 Etekcity mice, 1 Roccat mouse and it notes that Razors are protected by a EULA.

So pick one from these Logitech devices and you should be able to get the most out of your mouse:

Year    Model   Driver  ID
2007    G9      1.0     c048
2008    G9x     1.0     c066
2009    G500    1.0     c068
2010    G700    1.0     c06b + c531
2011    G300    ?       c246
2011    G400         
2012    G9X     1.0     c249
2012    G600    ?    
2013    G100s        
2013    G400s   ?       c24c
2013    G500s   1.0     c24e
2013    G602         
2013    G700s   1.0      
2014    G302         
2014    G402         
2014    G502    2.0     c07d
2015    G300s   ?       c246
2015    G303    2.0     c080


G5 2007
MX Master

I have Cooler Master Sentinel Advance 2 mice. For mice full configuration I use their official tool using Windows in Virtualbox and gave access to my USB ports. I use this even for scanner at work cause in Linux it gave me a headache (after so many tries and configurations scanner don't want to work in Ubuntu) . So that's my advice.

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