I used to never rely on it, but now that I am hooked, this is driving me nutty. When I am in terminal and hit Tab to autocomplete my statement, it works for most commands (cd, mv, rm, etc) but it is broken for vim/vi. When I type vim Tab or anything similar, I get an error as soon as I hit tab:

bash: command substitution: line 905: syntax error near unexpected token `}'
bash: command substitution: line 905: `        }'

I would try to fix this myself, but I have no idea what file to even look in. I tried /usr/share/bash-completion/bash-completion, and it is one of the few files I have found related to the bash with more than 900 lines, but line 905 is dealing with IP addressing. Here it is, for the sake of being thorough:

-ne 's|.*inet[[:space:]]\{1,\}\([^[:space:]/]*\).*|\1|p' )" \

Anyway, I tried installing the latest bash-completion from git, as suggested in How to fix corrupted bash-completion in command substitution?, but it didn't help. Closing and relaunching bash sometimes helps for a few s, and sudo -i causes it to work, but of course I don't want to stay logged in as su every time I need to edit some stuff. Any idea what file I need to look at to correct this thing?

EDIT: If I run bash inside the terminal, I see no immediate changes (colors remain the same, etc.) but I can Tab with vim. Of course, all of my aliases are also lost from my previous session, and if I execute a shell script from bash, it returns to the "outer" shell, thus causing the problem to arise again or forcing me to re-bash. It would really make my life easier if I could just fix the script that is malfunctioning here.


I think you’re on the right track Ronald. In you bash_completion file there is a function called _ip_address that has a variable assignment that spans five lines. Try checking yours against all five lines between line numbers 928 and 932 in the bash_completion file at THIS LINK. Spelling counts ;)

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