When I press Ctrl + Alt + T, Ubuntu 16.04 opens xterm and when I search for gnome-terminal nothing is found. I searched for terminal and the only 2 applications there are XTerm and UXTerm.

How do I get the gnome terminal back?

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Simply open any working terminal that you do have, and enter:

sudo apt-get install gnome-terminal

You should be good to go!

You can also see this thread
How to set custom keyboard shortcuts from terminal?
as to how to set a custom key command, so that CTRL + ALT + t opens the terminal or program you choose, specifically, gnome-terminal.

So, for example, if you later choose to use lily-term or xfce4-terminal or something else, you may also change that keyboard shortcut/ command to open that terminal emulator, instead. In addition, you may set other commands to open other programs, such as super + e to open the file manager, or CTRL + a to open Audacity, etc, so long as those commands are not already in use.

Good luck!

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Run this:

sudo apt-get install gnome-terminal

This will install gnome-terminal.

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