I Recently Installed Ubuntu 16.04 on My HP Laptop which has configuration as 2 GB RAM,3GHz i3 Processor with 2GB Graphic Card Installed.My Problem is that I am not able to shut down my laptop using shutdown command or Using shut down button in the right corner of ubuntu.I am doing shut down it just stuck in the desktop wallpaper and not going to work till then i physically press the power button in my laptop and There is also a issue with my ubuntu is that it hangs many times when i open 6-7 tabs in my google chrome(Nothing is opened other than chrome).I read many solution for ubuntu 14.04 -It was like adding some line of code in my grub files.But Nothing Worked.Please Help Me Out As I am always shutting down ubuntu with the power button.


Did you try some of these solutions: Ubuntu 16 reboots seconds after shutdown ?

I also have HP as well as the same problems as you after installing 16.04, and disabling WiFi solved the situation. Temporary at least.


I solved the problem in my HP 15-r250TU by disabling bios option usb3 preboot in bios.

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