I'm trying to troubleshoot a system that keeps hanging intermittently, and I'm not a *nix expert by any means. I suspect a camera driver (supposedly there is a bug, waiting for more info from the manufacturer). I followed the instructions in their readme file to stop the daemon: /etc/init.d/ueyeusbdrc stop and I get the message 'Stopped ueyeusbd.'

When I run service --status-all, I get this service listed with [ + ], which is supposed to mean it's still running. But another attempt to stop it results in this error message: "No pidfile found. Cannot stop ueyeusbd". I seem to be able to start and stop the daemon, but it always shows up with a [ + ] in the service output.

Could anyone explain this to me?

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I really think this error message is specific to the ueyeusb daemon (ueyeusbd). If you check how they start it, they use:

/usr/bin/ueyeusbd -c /etc/ids/ueye/ueyeusbd.conf -P /var/run/ueyed/ueyeusbd.pid

As far as I understand, the error messages means that the file "ueyeusbd.pid" is missing.

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