Using Puddletag's tag panel, I can create an Album name in the following format:

George Orwell - Animal Farm

I'd then like to create Title names using this format:

George Orwell - Animal Farm 01 
George Orwell - Animal Farm 02 
George Orwell - Animal Farm 03 

In tag code, that would translate into:

%album% %track%

I don't see the option to do this, i.e., to append a track code to an album code. I see tag-to-file conversions and file-to-tag conversions, but I don't see tag-to-tag conversions. Am I overlooking something?

If Puddletag can't do this, are there other tag editors with a simlar spreadsheet-type layout that would allow tag-to-tag conversions?


Found it!

This can actually be done using the Format value function. (Textual Functions button in the top toolbar, then ~sixth entry in the drop down menu.)

In the first text text input, specify which field you want to replace. In your example, title. In the second text input, specify the value you want to give it. In your example, %album% %track%. The %{fieldName}% patterns will be interpolated.

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