I am currently using Ubuntu 16.04. My laptop's GPU: NVIDIA NVS 5200 m (and the Intel one).I installed NVIDIA Driver version: 340.96 through

sudo ubuntu-drivers devices | grep recommended

(the same one I find in the "additional driver" setting menu recommended by Ubuntu).

The installation was fine. But when I open NVIDIA X Server Setting. It seems the driver can't detect my laptop display (also my second Dell U2414 monitor). Under the "X server Display Configuration" tab, it is shown as “X Screen 0 (No Scanout). I've attached the screenshots below. and also the xorg.conf file content.

So how can I solve this problem? Thank you all in advance!

enter image description here

enter image description here


Hello ? Is this CUDA or Optimus featured Graphics Card ? Seems to be brandish new one ? Proceed only in case of CUDA or Optimus here :

You could try it with SDK-package of NVIDIA, but you would need to purge the installed drivers out of your system.

Do this all in recovery mode after you downloaded the SDK-package.

The link for more infos is here at workaround of myself :

Black screen on boot when any NVIDIA drivers installed

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