Before I came here, I searched the internet to find a solution but in vain. I cannot install the KindleGen plugin on Ubuntu 14.04 so that the Kindle comic converter can convert my jpeg images into the Kindle Paperwhite MOBI format. I downloaded KindleGen from Amazon and unarchived and decompressed it and it stood still. I don't know what actions to take. I did as the Readme text shows but "No such file or directory" shows in the terminal when I type /KindleGen/kindlegen as the instructions said.

The following are the installation instructions for Linux:

KindleGen for Linux 2.6 i386:

  1. Download the KindleGen tar.gz from www.amazon.com/kindleformat/kindlegen to a folder such as Kindlegen in home directory (~/KindleGen).
  2. Extract the contents of the file to '~/KindleGen'. Open the terminal, move to folder containing the downloaded file using command "cd ~/KindleGen" and then use command "tar xvfz kindlegen_linux_2.6_i386_v2.tar.gz" to extract the contents.
  3. Open the Terminal application and type ~/KindleGen/kindlegen. Instructions on how to run KindleGen are displayed.
  4. Conversion Example: To convert a file called book.html, go to the directory where the book is located, such as cd desktop, and type ~/KindleGen/kindlegen book.html. If the conversion was successful, a new file called book.mobi displays on the desktop.
  5. Please note: It is recommended to follow these steps to run KindleGen. Double-clicking the KindleGen icon does not launch this program. Run the above commands without quotes.
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    Did you forget to type in the "~"? Did you make the suggested directory KindleGen in your home directory? Did you move the downloaded file to your new directory before unpacking it? If you are on a 64 bit system, did you install the necessary 32 but libraries? – ubfan1 Jun 24 '16 at 4:33
  • Thanks for reply. Finally i solved the problem and i took care of what you said but i experimented with the following: i used the sudo command to move the executable file into /usr/local/bin then restart kindle comic converter and to my extreme surprise it worked!! i am not sure what step made it work but sure enough that this part of the instructions " type ~/KindleGen/kindlegen" will trigger nothing but" No such file or directory" in terminal. Again thanks for interest. – khalid el-Sayed Jun 25 '16 at 22:39

Kindle Comic Converter (KCC) installation instructions for Linux

Before install KCC, you need to have KindleGen in your system.

  1. Download the KindleGen tar.gz to a folder such as Kindlegen in home directory (~/KindleGen).
  2. Extract the contents of the file to '~/KindleGen'.
    • $ cd ~/KindleGen
    • $ tar xvfz kindlegen_linux_2.6_i386_v2_9.tar.gz
  3. Move the file kindlegen to /usr/local/bin/
    • $ mv ~/KindleGen/kindlegen /usr/local/bin/

After you do that, download Kindle Comic Converter and install it.


  • After following these steps, type kindlegen in the console to run KindleGen, – Paul Jones Sep 10 at 12:43

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