I have installed the lubuntu desktop today from the software center. I was using Unity and it was so slow for some reason. When I open simple screen recorder, the panel got filled with multiple icons of it. The screenshot is attached. This is not happening for any other application. I have tried chrome, brackets, panel settings etc. I have checked the system monitor app to see whether it is opened multiple times or not, but I could see only one entry there. enter image description here

Could somebody please help?

  • Unfortunately, after the second restart I cannot find the issue anymore :) – arshad Jun 24 '16 at 3:35

FWIW, a similar thing happened to me. I have Lubuntu 15.10 and the multiple panel icon thing happened to me with AutoKey.

IIRC, the way I got rid of it was to do a


to bring up the Terminal.

Then I typed

lxpanelctl restart

to restart the panel.

After this one time, it never happened again.

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