I am deploying OpenStack with Autopilot and I failed more than 10 times on the Landscape installation step. My MAAS sever and nodes all have 2 NICs,and can connect the Internet.

This is the error message on the node machine /var/log/juju/unit-landscape-server-0.log , every time the landscape installation stop here, please help, I have cost time on this nearly one month, thanks very much.

This is the error on the log, shows that we could not connect to keyserver.ubuntu.com.

error message

But if we run the command manually, it could work very well.

manually run command


I don't have a direct answer, but I suspect connection issues from your original paste. So I'll just answer with some general troubleshooting tips. Let's check it out. Update your answer with more details as you find them.

Back off to just Juju and MAAS

Follow the setup instructions (you can even do this on your maas server).


juju switch <maas_environment>
juju bootstrap -v
juju deploy cs:trusty/ubuntu
juju add-unit -n <number of unused machines> ubuntu

Make sure everything comes up OK.

Try fetching the key across all machines with juju run

juju run --all '<that sudo apt-key command>'

My suspicion is one machine or more will fail, and you can troubleshoot network connectivity from there.

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