I am very fresh in Linux. I tried to use the sudo apt-get command to install both wget and curl utilities. To do that I ran at the following CLI commands:

sudo apt-get curl
sudo apt-get wget

Both inputs give the error Invalid operation; No further information is given.

I tried to do man invalid || man Invalid, but there seem to be no entries for these terms.

Google search yielded zero results for "sudo apt-get wget" + "invalid operation".

For curl problem I did found a solution here but I would humbly prefer having an expert's take on this before trying it (as I really need wget as well and want to understand the root of the problem).

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    And what are these command supposed to do? wget is installed by default, so if you need it, use it. – muru Jun 21 '16 at 5:13

That's because apt-get does not have any option like curl or wget.

Perhaps you wanted to install/upgrade the packages, if so then:

sudo apt-get install wget
sudo apt-get install curl

The package name goes as argument to apt-get's option e.g. install, remove etc.

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