When looking at the syslog (dmesg), I get several of:

<module name>: module has bad taint, not creating trace events

What does this mean ?


This warning appears if kernel function trace_module_has_bad_taint() returns true; namely any of the following taint flags have been set:

  • TAINT_FORCED_MODULE (module loading has been forced)
  • TAINT_CPU_OUT_OF_SPEC (CPU is behaving in a way that may cause tracing issues?)
  • TAINT_FORCED_RMMOD (module has been forced removed)
  • TAINT_MACHINE_CHECK (Machine Check exception, possibly making lock dep unreliable)
  • TAINT_BAD_PAGE (a bad page of memory has been detected)
  • TAINT_USER (userspace has been fiddling around with the system that may cause kernel issues)
  • TAINT_DIE (kernel is in a dying oops phase)
  • TAINT_OVERRIDDEN_ACPI_TABLE (user has overridden the default ACPI tables)
  • TAINT_WARN (scheduler bug detected)
  • TAINT_FIRMWARE_WORKAROUND (BIOS firmware has had a workaround to make things work)
  • TAINT_SOFTLOCKUP (watchdog timer has detected a soft lockup)
  • TAINT_LIVEPATCH (kernel has been live patched)

The warning occurs when a kernel module is loaded and the kernel tracepoint driver is notified of this and detects one of the above tainting reasons and skips trace-pointing it to try to avoid crashing the kernel.

Modules that are just tainted as staging drivers, out-of-tree drivers and unsigned GPL modules are allowed, all other taints are not allowed.

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