I am new to CTags, and I tried it out for the first time a while back. It worked fine in Kate, I was able to use the keyboard shortcuts to jump to function definitions.

Now I'm trying it out again on the same system. I've opened up a new project, I've run ctags and it's created the tags file in the project root directory. I've confirmed it works in vim and I can jump between definitions as expected.

When I open Kate, I add the tags file (/home/jeff/project/tags) to the index targets, and click Update Index but now when I try to goto definition, it's always:

No hits found

I've also tried updating the database, and it's created a session_db_ with today's date.

I also tried creating the .kateproject file as proposed by an answer to this question, which is something I didn't have to do last time it worked anyway.


Figured it out, instead of adding the tags file (/home/jeff/project/tags) to the target index, I was supposed to just add the directory that the tags file is in (/home/jeff/project/) - not the tags file itself.

After changing the target index to /home/jeff/project/ and updating the index, then I am easily able to hop to definitions like I expect.

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