I'm trying to create a keyboard mapping to insert a unicode character via the keyboard. It appears that xmodmap is perhaps the best option, but I can't figure out how to get a third-level character.

I have my third-level chooser mapped to Right-Win key, and this works for characters like the EuroSign. I used that key as my pattern. xmodmap -pk shows this for EuroSign

     26         0x0065 (e)      0x0045 (E)      0x0065 (e)      0x0045 (E)      0x20ac (EuroSign)       0x0000 (NoSymbol)       0x20ac (EuroSign)       0x20ac (EuroSign)

So I setup my comma line to try and match that

keycode 59 = comma less comma semicolon UFF62 UFF62 UFF62 UFF62

But this doesn't work, despite xmodmap -pk reporting a similar output as EuroSign

59         0x002c (comma)  0x003c (less)   0x002c (comma)  0x003b (semicolon)      0x100ff62 (UFF62)       0x100ff62 (UFF62)       0x100ff62 (UFF62)       0x100ff62 (UFF62)

Note that if I put UFF62 as the first entry I can successfully replace the comma itself. That confirms at least that I've modifying the right file and the character is valid.

How do I get my Unicode character assigned to the third level?

UPDATE: This appears to only not work if I have the US-generic keyboard layout. When I switch to my German layout the mapped keys work. Is there something I have to do to enable the third-level ont he keyboard layout?

Note, my use-case is to just get a key mapped to a character. I also tried xbindkeys with xvkbd, but was unable to get it to insert unicode characters correctly. I also tried xdotool, but it also seemed to have trouble with unicode characters.

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