As an old mac user, I am used to hitting Ctrl+Backspace, and the effect is the same as if I pressed Del. I have recently purchased an Asus N53SV laptop which has replaced my MacBook, but unfortunately this laptop has a very annoying keyboard layout, where the Del key is in a non standard position, and moreover it is TINY.

Is it possible to get the Ctrl+Backspace combination to issue a Del and how would I do this?

Using Kubuntu, but I believe this is to be done at X level, not at desktop, am I right? Thanks!


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In Kubuntu Ctrl+Backspace by default is assigned to the action "Delete Word Backwards" which is used by some applications. You can overwrite this, though.

One solution was to install xautomation Install xautomation and then create a shortcut for Ctrl+Backspace which runs xte 'key Delete':

  • Open a terminal (i.e. Konsole) and run sudo apt-get install xautomation.

  • Open Custom Shortcuts via the search menu.

  • Click EditNewGlobal ShortcutCommand/URL. Name the new shortcut.

  • Go to the Trigger tab, click the input button (None) and press Ctrl+Backspace. Then click onto Reassign.

    enter image description here

  • Go to the Action tab and enter xte 'key Delete'.

  • Click Apply. Ready.

    enter image description here

(More about xte which is part of xautomation.)

To assign a new shortcut to "Delete Word Backwards" add a custom combination to that action within Standard Keyboard Shortcuts.

enter image description here


Something like this help you? Linky Can create your own short cuts. Don't know if you need to do it at X level. Might be able to configure it using that guide.

Either that or something like this, Linky. as you said at X level configuration. Hope this helps.

EDIT: KDE has has its own short cuts in system settings can it be done from in there. Im not at my PC just now at work PC but I use KDE at home.


  • Looks nice, unfortunately it's for Gnome only: I am talking about Kubuntu, therefore KDE! Thanks anyway!
    – Palantir
    May 31, 2012 at 9:55
  • Updated. Can you not use the short cuts in system settings to create this?
    – LinuxBill
    May 31, 2012 at 10:40

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