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I need to install programs in multiple computers but I can't use Internet. There's a way to install programs from USB? (I have only one computer connected)

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  • This might be worthwhile for you... askubuntu.com/questions/3576/… – bc2946088 Jun 14 '16 at 16:21
  • Similarly to how the Ubuntu LiveCD has a repository located on it, you could do something similar to your USB drive (as mentioned earlier). You may also be interested in looking into apt-cacher-server. – earthmeLon Jun 14 '16 at 16:34

If there is an installer file then all you have to do is copy that file onto the machine from USB and run it. If there are just a bunch of files that have to be manually installed then I suggest you write a shell script that will handle it and then you can open the USB and run it on each machine.


Like Brian Sizemore said, most software comes in an installer, such as a .deb. fortunately, apt-get comes with an option to download software without installing it! first, open a terminal ctrl+alt+t, and use the command apt-get download "name of software" (replace "name of software with the name of the software") and it will download the software to your computer in your home directory. from there, you can move them to a flash drive. then when you want to install them, just open the files no the flash drive.

NOTE: most programs have dependencies. meaning, you have to install other programs first. so, if it says you have unmet dependencies, just repeat the process with the name of the dependencies

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