I performed a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04. When first installed I had ubuntu-software as my software center and when opening the application the Software Center icon would display in the launcher for a few seconds and then disappear without having ever shown the app.

I've purged and reinstalled ubuntu-software to no avail. I've now purged ubuntu-software and installed gnome-software and have the same results.

I am reading all over the web (in my effort to resolve this) that both appear to be plagued with bugs.

What are my next steps to take in troubleshooting this issue?

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I have the same problem using Ubuntu 16.04, So i install Centro de software de Ubuntu v 15.12 and it work.

sudo apt install software-center

and then


finally I get the icon at side. That solves the problem for now.

  • I performed a fresh install of 16.04 after the latest LTS release. It was working and then after I restored my deja-dup backup it when loopy again.
    – TylersSN
    Oct 19, 2016 at 16:46

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