I'm starting to get familiar with the shell and command line, I just want to know how I can get backups from some specific folders and send them to my server using just one command.

I set .netrc (with my user/password) for my ftp command and now it works. I just need to add " put my_file " in my alias so it runs after ftp connects.

alias save='tar -czvf backup-$(date +%Y-%m-%d).tar.gz /home/user/.bash*'
alias ftpme='ftp'

I need to add 'put my_file' in the code above so both commands run when I type ftpme.


Write your ftp put command(s), followed by a quit command, in a file (say /path/to/ftpcommands) and do:

ftp < /path/to/ftpcommands

In the ftpcommands file, you can also put your FTP user name and password (as user [username] [password]), if you like, bypassing the .netrc file.

You may also want to redirect the output of the ftp command to a log file, in case anything goes wrong. That would be something like

ftp < /path/to/ftpcommands > /path/to/ftp.log 2>&1

This will redirect all messages from the ftp command to the log file ftp.log.

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