I have no idea what this is, can anyone help?

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    Are you using "Assitive technologies" ? If not, you can disable it in the Startup Applications tool. See ubuntu-mate.community/t/… – JonasCz - Reinstate Monica Jun 14 '16 at 14:55
  • Thanks @JonasCz but I did actually already disable from startup applications. I read the thread that you sent to me, I'll try disabling the actual executable and hopefully that works! – Phil Jun 15 '16 at 17:56

The problem is that all of the 'assistive technology' stuff like at-spi2-registryd and at-spi-core cannot be removed properly, despite being disabled, without pulling out a whole load of programs. The best way i've found is to stop it from running with:

sudo mv /usr/lib/at-spi2-core/at-spi2-registryd /usr/lib/at-spi2-core/at-spi2-registryd.old


sudo mv /usr/lib/at-spi2-core/at-spi-bus-launcher /usr/lib/at-spi2-core/at-spi-bus-launcher.old
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