Is there any working app to monitor Daily, Weekly , Monthly data usage via wifi/Ethernet. I do have limited data usage plans.

System monitor is not of my taste, it just tell me data usage of current session and high on CPU and RAM also.

It must have some provision to block network traffic after a set limit.

Earlier there was a tool named download-monitor, now it is not available in software center. I also tried some old repository, they are also not available.

It is a must have utility for me. I connect using mobile hotspot for connecting to internet. I know i can set limit in mobile but for some reason, it is not working in case of wireless tethering, which caused me lot of charges.

Please suggest a good working GUI app for ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64 Bit.



You can install vnstat. It is a CLI tool which doesn't have a GUI pre-installed. enter image description here

You can try adding following PHP frontend onto the vnstat to have a proper GUI. http://www.sqweek.com/sqweek/?p=1 enter image description here

You may also try free Webmin app, it is a web based server management software. You can do more than just monitoring the network but especially for network you can monitor specific interface and filter them by date/hour/minutes. http://www.webmin.com/

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