So, I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 with KDE installed. I like the 3D cube in KWin and I also like KWin's effects, but I prefer the way Compiz handles it's cube and key bindings. I was wondering if there was a way to make KWin's cube act exactly like Compiz's cube, with the only difference being I don't want to move to the next or previous desktop when dragging and dropping a window to the edge of the screen. So, I should be able to use CTRL+ALT+Arrows to switch between desktops and such.


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The titles I mention are relevant to systemsettings5, but they're also present in other versions — just, perhaps, might have a bit different name.

Disable desktop switch when dragging window to an edge:

  • systemsettings5 → Desktop Behaviour → Screen Edges, set the drop down list Switch desktop on edge to Disabled.

CTRL+ALT+Arrows to switch desktops:

  • systemsettings5 → Desktop Behaviour → Virtual Desktops, the tab Switching, shortcuts Switch to Next Desktop and Switch to Previous Desktop.

Don't forget that System Settings has a textbox to search in the upper-right corner, e.g. you can enter there edge, and the settings that mention the word would be highlighted.

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