If I close GIMP with the x on its window, everything works fine.

enter image description here

But most of the time I have so many images open that I do not want to close each individually. In this case, I go to the Ubuntu sidebar, right-click on the GIMP icon and click quit

enter image description here

If I do this, all images are closed, but unfortunately when I start GIMP again, the layer and toolbox window are closed and I have to reopen them (Windows->Recently Closed Docks -> Layers and Windows->Recently Closed Docks -> Toolbox).

Is it possible to tell GIMP not to close the layer and toolbox window each time I quit it?


Yes. Use single-window mode:

GIMP 2.8 introduces an optional single-window mode. You can toggle between the default multi-window mode and the new single-window mode through the Single-window mode checkbox in the Windows menu. In single-window mode, GIMP will put dockable dialogs and images in a single, tabbed image window. The single-window mode setting is of course preserved if you quit and start GIMP again. Single-window mode removes the necessity for users of having to deal with multiple windows.


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    WOW. This mode is so awesome. Now also all images are listed by tabs also. And I dont have to worry where the layer window is hidden or something. This is so awesome - thank you! Also good to know you disable/enable label/tool window by tab. So awesome. – Adam Jun 9 '16 at 8:56
  • Nevertheless, those windows should be restored. Can someone tell what Ubuntu might be doing here? – Michael Schumacher Jun 9 '16 at 19:58

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