I've just installed 11.10 on a Samsung N130 netbook. I've tweaked it a little to accommodate the low hardware power.

Almost all the config was done through the default "System Settings" menu, and I've also tweaked some "advanced" features through gnome-tweak-tools.

I know that I'll have to install 11.10 on machines with almost identical hardware in the coming weeks. I would really like avoiding manually changing config options in the GUI every time.

Is there an easy way to export all those config changes so I can easily import them in a brand new 11.10 install later ?


So far I've found that directories ~/.gconf/desktop/gnome/ and ~/.gconf/apps/metacity/ holds most of the config file of what I tweaked.

I guess there's no simple way to make a complete export of one's config, but instead a lot of config files for each app edited.


You could install dconf-tools and write a script that uses dconf-editor to set the tools. Then those settings could be applied anywhere. However, I don't know of a tool that automatically exports your current dconf like this.

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